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“Whether you want engaging content, impactful graphics, an amazing website, or all of this, we are here to help you happily. Have doubts? Want a quote? Just fill the form or give us a call.”

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    Will I get top quality content from you?2021-01-26T10:45:41+00:00

    Yes, of course. At 1st Genix, we have great content writers who are well-qualified and have degrees in English literature, mass communication, and other content-related courses. Our content writers are highly experienced professionals who will meet all your expectations. We provide unmatched quality in content writing as 1st Genix is one of the global leaders in content writing. We have a good customer base, and all our clients love to do continuous business with us as we believe in a good customer relationship. Due to this, we have one of the best client-retention rates in the market.

    Will you pay proper attention to my project?2021-01-26T10:45:47+00:00

    We do believe in providing quality content to our customers. We always pay attention to the minor details as our main aim is to increase customer satisfaction. As soon as we get your request, we try to revert back as soon as possible through phone or Skype. Our only motive is to give you back good quality content. To achieve that, we listen to your requirements and understand every aspect of them. Once we get a complete understanding of your requirements, our experienced content writers start working on them. We will prepare a draft through which you will get an idea about our writing style. Once you get satisfied with everything, we do our best to provide the content to you within the right time as desired by you.

    How much time does it take to deliver my design?2021-01-26T10:45:52+00:00

    The delivery time basically depends upon the factors like complexity, size, and other related factors. But our focus is to complete the project within 7-10 days.

    What is your approach for a logo designing project?2021-01-26T10:45:56+00:00

    Before starting, we try to have an online meeting where we all can discuss and share ideas. We will also listen to your requirements about the same. We will also take help from the samples of existing logos. Once we come to a mutual decision and a proper perspective of the idea, we will offer some of the samples designed for you. This will be flexible, and we can decide the price depending upon the logo design you want.

    How much time do you need to make a website?2021-01-26T10:46:02+00:00

    If you have all the data prepared, like the texts, images, and videos that you want to add to your website, we can build it in 4-6 weeks.

    What kind of information will you demand while building the website?2021-01-26T10:46:07+00:00

    It totally depends upon the type of website you need. Generally, the following information is required by us:
    – Texts and content that you need on the website
    – Videos, if you wish to add them.
    – Images of you and your staff
    – Images of the workplace
    – Staff profiles
    – Login Details of your existing website
    If you have an existing website, we will not bother you to provide us with the above information as we will take it from your existing website.

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